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When it comes to nutrition and meal planning there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Every one of us is different. From our mental thoughts around food to the biological way our bodies process food. Nothing is exactly that same. The quote “we may all be in the same storm but we are not in the same boat” is a great analogy here. While some of the basics, tools, and science may be the same, it is going to look a little different in action for you compared to your best friend, neighbor, or even me.

Personally I follow a way of eating called “timed eating’ and I pick my foods based off of macros, or the big things we eat, Protein-Fat-Carbohydrates. Using that as my base for my clients I can help guide you to using the same information and merging it with your goals to help you find what works for you. So while I don’t teach intermittent fasting, or follow Paleo or veganism myself, I can help you incorporate these things into a way of eating that works for you. My goal with nutrition is to help you build your boat so that you can weather your storm the best way possible for the longest time possible. If I build your boat for you you might sink.

Not only and I a licensed Precision Nutrition Coach, I am also a Beachbody coach. One of the tools I often find helps people is utilizing a meal shake called Shakeology and taking advantage of the On-line nutrition plans, supplements, and cooking channel provided with a subscription to Beachbody on Demand.

Either way when you partner with me, we will work hard. We will learn. We will get better.  We will grow.  Because that’s how it’s done.  That’s who we are.  We are a Team.

Contact me…let’s get started!

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