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  • Hi! I had some blood work done last week and I wanted to share one of my results with you. I am insulin resistant and I have been taking metformin for about 1 1/2 years. My levels have been a little over normal and in July they were at 22 which is the highest my insulin has ever been (normal is below 15).

    I got my results today at it was 10!!! I am absolutely thrilled! I still have to take my meds but I am hoping that I won’t need them by my next blood test (mid July). I was so excited to share this with you since you have been so supportive of me on my journey to lose weight and get fit! Thank you so much! That was the one number that I was hoping to see go down and I was pleasantly surprised to see it at 10.

    Yes, I have been drinking Shakeology regularly since I got back on track a few weeks ago (Jan 26, I think) and I did drink it regularly from mid Sept-Thanksgiving. I really think it’s a combo of everything: Shakeology, losing some weight, increasing activity, and cleaner eating.

    Beth Martis Hradesky,
  • Wow. Christy is amazing. Since I started doing piyo with Christy as the instructor I have grown in many ways. I have so much more strength and have surprised myself in the things I am able to do. Never would I have believed that at 56 years old I would be in better shape than I probably was in my 30’s. She is so motivating and so caring. I can honestly say she has inspired me to be a better person …And to never give up!!!!!

    Debbie Thompson Bennett ,
  • Christy is by far the best coach a girl could ask for! I started PiYo and fell in love with it. She explained things so well when we all first started. I shared with Christy why I was hit or miss at classes because of my migraines, she shared about Shakeology with me… I tried it a couple times and knew that was my answer. I  wouldn’t be migraine free if it wasn’t for meeting Christy. She’s not only my coach but a greatfriend!

    Kenzie Duncan,
  • Where do I even begin?? Christy has been my life saver! I don’t know where I’d be without her!

    Since I have been doing Zumba and insanity with Christy I have lost 60lbs!! She has taught me so much, but the most important thing she has taught me is to believe in myself!! I am doing things I never thought I could do. For example running, planks, and berpies!!

    I still have days where I want to give up, but Christy won’t let me!! That’s what I love about her! I truly believe she is my biggest fan!!

    Mindy Smith Clock,
  • I am a mother of two young kids in sports, a business owner, and volleyball coach. I have an athletic history but in the last decade or so have lost my passion for fitness. Christy B has an infectious energy and attitude. She was able to re-awaken my awareness of self. Not just my physical wellness, but also my mental wellness.

    Her dedication to her clients is profound. I owe her a huge hug and thank you for helping me think new thoughts toward brighter, healthier days!

    Samantha Cross,
  • “Christy, has a wonderful energy, and is a great motivator in her Zumba Class….I don’t

    like to miss her class! She welcomes new arrivals, and old alike, and encourages all no

    matter what level they are:)” ~Julie Stotler

    Julie Stotler,

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