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I am a certified Zumba Instructor. I am also ZIN, a member of the Zumba Instructor Network.

Not all instructors are ZIN but ALL ZINs are instructors.

What is a ZIN member? They are Zumba Instructors, that when they pay their monthly fees, are joined with not only the company itself but also with all the other ZIN instructors across the world via an online community. Together we share choreography notes for popular songs, ideas for boosting attendance at our classes, tips on how to keep participants safe during higher impact moves, and behind the scene stuff like how and where to get insurance and what the best speakers and microphones are for teaching class. The company also sends us CD’s every month and every other month we get DVDs with matching choreography we can choose to learn if we don’t want to make up our own moves.

There are also 3 specialty online courses like Zumba core and Zumba glutes along with tons of continuing education about general health & fitness, nutrition, and Zumba specific updates.

Why am I ZIN? Because I truly love the Zumba format, the company and what they stand for and strive to make sure that I am always sticking to their brand. I feel like one of the best ways I can serve my class participants is to make sure that I am plugged in to the company in this way so that I can always be one of the first to know when new stuff is coming and to be on track with getting the hottest music and moves for our classes.

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