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What Is A Zumbathon®?

Once you get into Zumba, you’re going to likely hear about something called a Zumbathon®.  What’s it’s all about?

A Zumbathon is a special Zumba® extended length event that is usually held to support a cause.  Several different Zumba instructors will teach at the event, which is typically from two to three hours in length (with breaks).

Zumba Fitness itself has partnered with The American Heart Association for its Party Hearty™ Zumbathon series to fight heart disease, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation for its Party In Pink™ Zumbathon events to help find a cure for breast cancer at certain times of the year.

Often a Zumbathon will support a Zumba Instructor’s local and personal causes that they feel strongly about, and will use their talents to raise money for that charity or organization.I’ve been to many Zumbathons as a participant in the past, and most recently as an Instructor.  They are truly a fun event that will challenge you to take your Zumba to a whole new level while you’re doing some good for a worthy cause.  And if you think you torch calories in a regular Zumba class, wait until you try a Zumbathon!


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